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UTBD564   #1 Best Seller Mini Bench Drill Press Hobby Drill Press 100Watt With 3 Extra Belts
U9BR2   #1 Gunsmithing Hammer 2oz Brass Hammer
UTSB111   #10 100 Piece Scalpel Blade Set
UTSB11   #11 100 Piece Scalpel Blade Set
U16LOPH   #2 6" Long Phillips
SKU1280   #53 Drill Pack 10PC
SKU1281   #54 Drill Pack Micro Hobby Drills
SKU1282   #55 Drill Pack Micro Drill Set
SKU1283   #56 Micro Drill Set
UT562TB   #562 Dremel Tile Bit
SKU1284   #57 Micro Drill Set
SKU1285   #58 Micro Drill Set
SKU1334   (10x20.5mm) Professional Quality Triplet Jewelers Loupe
SKU1588   (10x21mm) Professional Quality Chrome Triplet Loupe
UTSCMG654   -EDC- Every Day Carry Military Green 3 In 1 Water Resistant Storage Container
SKU1073   -EDC- Every Day Carry Survival Pocket Knife Credit Card 11-IN-1 Multi-Functional Survival Tool
UTGUNL50   .50 Caliber Bullet Flashlight
UT136AWG   0 to 36 Standard Wire Gauge
UTJTGR232   1 KG Graphite Crucible 2 3/32"
UT136SWG   1 to 36 Standard Wire Gauge
SKU1147   1" Rotary Saw Blade Fine Tooth
SKU1248   1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 Polished Brass Dapping Block
SKU1148   1.25" Rotary Saw Blade Fine Tooth
SKU1288   1/4" Diamond Burr Set (20 Pc Set)
SKU1388   1/8" Shank 300 Grit Abrasive Rotary Bits 1" Dia ( Gunsmithing Etc)
U33CO1   1/8" Shank Size Soft Wool Rotary Buffer 1"
SKU1236   1/8"X1/8" Mandrel
SKU789   10 Layer Leather 1/8" Rotary Buffing Wheel
UTBRS43   10 PC Brass Ring Sizer 4 to 13
SKU943   10 PC High Speed Mini Router Set
UT#67   10 Pc Speed Twist Drill Bits #67, Shank: 1/16"
SKU1241   10 Piece Center Punch & Leather Cutters for Making Clean Holes In Gaskets, Leather, Plastic, Rubber & Vinyl
UTRT10D   10 Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set
SKU1046   10 Piece High Speed Rotary Burrs 1/8"
SKU809   10 Piece High Speed Steel Rotary Burr Set 1/8"
SKU8091   10 Piece High Speed Steel Rotary Burr Set 3/32" Shaft
UTJL821   10 X 18mm Doublet Lens Jewelers Loupe
UTGPDR10   10" Deep Riffle Gold Pan Black
UTGPBLUER10   10" Deep Riffle Gold Pan Blue
SKU1261   10" Forceps Curved Hemostat Stainless Steel
UTCHASEFLAT10   10" German Type Chasing Hammer 5oz
SKU1331   10" Gold Pan Black
SKU1454   10" Gold Pan Blue Color
SKU1234   10" Plastic Ring Mandrel
UT10RINGMP   10" Plastic Ring Mandrel
UTSH101   10" Stone Hammer Weight: 1lb 12oz
UTPOLY912   100 Pc Poly Mailer Envelope Bags : Size: 9" x 12", Self Adhesive
URA8112   100 PC Rotary Rasp Set
UTJSB76   100 Pc Spring Bar Watch Jumbo Kit
UTWPREM876   100 pc watch link remover pins,includes 0.7mm.0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm
SKU1436   100 Piece Cut-Off Wheels 1 1/2" with 1/16" Center Hole
SKU14361   100 Piece Cut-Off Wheels 1 1/2" with 1/8" Center Hole
SKU1436111   100 Piece Cut-Off Wheels 1 1/4" with 1/16" Center Hole
SKU143611   100 Piece Cut-Off Wheels 1 1/4" with 1/8" Center Hole
UTTWNM1   100% Non-Magnetic Tip Tweezer
UTW1005B34OZ   1005ml (34oz) Water Bottle BPA Free
UT10054PACK   1005ml (34oz) Water Bottle BPA Free 4PACK
UTPILL100   100pc Pill Holder Kit Aluminum Body
SKU839   100PC Rotary Tool 1/2" Sanding Band Sleeves Kit
UTR100PC   100PC Variety Rotary Kit
UCHIF004   10lb Flexible Magnet
SKU1345   10MM Jewelry Number Punch Set
SKU1074   10PC Beading Kit
UT10PCKITCOMBO   10pc Beading Tool Kit
UTDB10PC   10pc Dapping Block & Punch Set
SKU1110   10PC Diamond Bead Reamer 2 3/4"
SKU1549   10PC Diamond Bead Reamer 4"
U33DIBE   10PC Diamond Bead Reamer Kit Cone Shape
SKU1609   10Pc Diamond Core Hole Saw Set 40 Grit
SKU1608   10Pc Diamond Core Hole Saw Set: Grit : 100
SKU1392   10PC Gi Gun Double Ended Gunsmithing Brushes
SKU1521   10Pc Rifle Cleaning Kit
UT10X15MM   10x 15mm Folding Magnifier
UT10XWL432   10X 18mm, LED Lighted Jewelers Loupe
SKU1106   10X 21mm Triplet Premium Loupe
UT10XWL43277   10X 21mm, LED Lighted Jewelers Loupe
UT13XLED3   10X Illuminated Desk Magnifier With 3LED 1" Glass Lens Diameter
SKU983   10X Jewelers Loupe Double Glass
UTSLIDE10X1   10X Sliding Magnifier With Light 1"
SKU1217   10X Table Magnifier
UTJLG1018   10x18mm Gold Doublet Jewelers Loupe
UTMGOLD815   10X21mm Jewelry Gold Loupe Metal Body
UTHRL90   10x21mm Professional Quality Heat Resistant Triplet Loupehrome Triplet Loupe
UT1021MMJL   10x21mm Professional Quality Illuminated Triplet Loupe
UT10X21   10x21mm Professional Quality Loupe
U26BI10   10X25 Binocular
UT1522   10X25 Lighted Jewelry Loupe
UTLIGHL   10X25mm Lighted Loupe
UTJT1117   11 Hole Round Bezel Punch Block Set
SKU868   11 PC Rotary Wool Set 1/8" Shank Size
UTFSHK877   11" Hunting Knife with Fire Starter : 440 Steel Blade
UTD5678   11PC 1/4" Diamond Burr Set
UTSR667   12 Carbon Steel Material Household Sharpening Steel Rod
UTGSMOP12   12 Gauge Shot Gun Cleaning Mop Brush
UT2OZBRA   12 OZ Dead Blow Hammer Brass
UT2OZSTEEL   12 OZ Dead Blow Hammer Stainless Steel
U1AC12   12 PC Assorted Acid Brushes
UTDBW78   12 Pc Dapping Block with Wooden Stand
SKU1446   12 Piece Aluminum Container Set 2.5"X1"
UTMGE12PC   12 Piece Ergonomic Magnifier Set
UTFLASHCAMO   12 Piece Kit Camo Lights 27 Led With Magnets
SKU1596   12 Piece Serrated Knife Display Fold Ups Promo Items
UTPRM65   12 Plastic Ring Stick Mandrel For Sizing Rings
SKU1519   12" Steel Sharpening Tool With Plastic Handle
UT45687   12" X 6" Alumina Ceramic Soldering Plate w/ Base
SKU1346   12.5MM Jewelry Number Punch Set
UTDC12021   120 Degree 21PC Disc Cutting Punch Set Concave And Convex
UTALUM12PC1   12pc 2 1/2" Dia x 1" Aluminum Jewelry Box Set
SKU1572   12Pc 2 1/2" Safety Pins Set
UTSAFEPIN3   12Pc 3" Safety Pins Set
UTNCK3   12Pc 3-3/16 Toe Nail Clipper with Flat Tip
UTU1117   12pc 8 Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set
JCAL1289990   12PC Aluminum 2" Jewelry Case Kit
UTCR445   12pc Computer Repair Kit
UTCVMAGSET   12Pc Curved Hand Held Magnifier Display Set : Power: 6.45x, 3x, 3x, 2x
UTDP12   12pc Dapping Punch Set
UTJTDAPPM12NEW   12pc Dapping Punch Set with Magnetic Ball 3.2mm to 11.5mm)
UTDR8776   12pc Diamond File Set with Universal Aluminum Body Handle with Pocket Clip: Grit:120, 180, 300 & 400
UT12PCHM87   12Pc Hand Held Magnifiers Display : Power: 6.45x, 3x, 3x, 2x
UTPC4775   12pc Punch & Chisel Set
UTRMA46   13-1/2 Aluminum Indexing Stepping Ring Mandrel
SKU1471   13pc Watch Repair Kit
UTMG67674   13X Mini Microscope With Led Light
SKU1181   14 Led Light
FL347   14 LED Table Lamp
UTGPDR14   14" Deep Riffle Gold Pan Black
UTGPBLUER14   14" Deep Riffle Gold Pan Blue
UTGPDRG14   14" Deep Riffle Gold Pan Green
SKU1332   14" Gold Pan Black
UTP14021   140 Degree 21PC Disc Cutting Punch Set Concave And Convex
UTGP3ML   144 Pc Mini Glass Bottle Display 3ml Capacity
UTGP2316144   144 Pc Mini Glass Bottle Display 6ml Capacity
UTJB144   144 Piercing Jewelry Saw Blades Assorted Sizes
UTJTRS5614K   14k Gold Marking Stamps
UTJTCLE14   14oz Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner
UTDAPP14   14pc Dapping Block And Punch Set 1"
SKU1113   14X Hand Held Magnifier with Led Lights
UT15MAG43   15 LB Magnetic Pick Up 30"
UTGREEN15   15 Led Green Hurricane Lantern
SKU15821   15 LED Hurricane Lantern Black
SKU1580   15 LED Hurricane Lantern Blue
SKU1582   15 LED Hurricane Lantern Red Emergency Light 3AA Batteries
UTLEDL15   15 LED Hurricane Lantern Yellow
UTDC15S   15 Pc Disc Cutters With Stand 1/2",5/8",3/4",7/8",1"
UTBM15   15" Oval Bracelet Mandrel
SKU1401   150 Grit 10PC Diamond Rotary Set
UTARTBRUSH1   15Pc Artist Brush Set
UTJTDAPPM15   15pc Dapping Punch Set with Magnetic Ball (12.3mm to 24.7mm)
SKU1107   15X 18mm Triplet Premium Loupe
SKU951   15X Triplet 20.5mm Loupe
UTSAFE16G   16 Led Lighted Green Safety Vest
UT16FCV   16" Self-Locking Curved Forceps
UT16SF   16" Self-Locking Straight Forceps
UT16LBMR   16LB Magnetic Pick Up With Release
SKU968   16X 25mm Jewelers Loupe
U3UV45   16X Miniature Microscope with 2 UV Led For Use with Pest Control Etc
U3WHITE45   16X Pocket Miniature Microscope with 2 White Led
U21FL17   17 Super Bright Led Flashlight
UTRT567   17 Pc Cleaning Brush Kit for Rotary Tools
UTDB1712   17 Round Cavities 1-1/2 x 1- 1/2 x 1-1/2 Dapping block with Cavities
UTGCB76   17pc Spray Gun Cleaning Brush Set
SKU1121   17pc Watch Repair Tool Kit
UAQU18SS   18" Aquarium Aquascaping Tweezer
SKU856   180mmX5mm Plastic Dipped Needle File Set
UTRS18K   18k Gold Marking Stamps
SKU1004   18PC Steel And Brass Punch Set
SKU952   18X Loupe Triplet 18mm Lens
SKU1486   19" Chinese War Sword
U2LED18   1OX21mm Triplet Lens Led Lighted Loupe
UTFL1WATT   1Watt 120 Lumen Aluminium Body Flashlight 4-1/4" Length
U28GLY   2 glowsticks (yellow)
SKU1517   2 PC Green Fishing Glow Sticks
UTJTOVACL   2 PC Jumbo Oval Disc Cutter Punching Jewelry
SKU1433   2 Piece Watch Movement Holder Set
U32PR2   2 Prong Pick Up Tool Part Or Diamond Tool
SKU1175   2" Metal Clamps
UTWDB877   2" X 2" X 2" Wooden Dapping Block & 2 Punches
UTCS564   2-1/4 x 2 Ceramic Pocket Sharpener
UTMGHUV45   2-in-1 UV/LED Handheld Magnifier
UTHHMUV4   2-IN-1, 1 UV/ 5LED, 4X, Lens Dia. 2" Handheld Magnifier with Integrated Folding Stand (395-400nm)
UTUVHM6545   2-IN-1, 1UV/ 5 White LED, 4x, Lens Dia: 2-1/2 Handheld Magnifier : (395-400nm)
UTRPHP87   2.0mm Replacement Punch
UTRPHP871   2.4 Replacement Punch
SKU1538   2.75" Sink Strainer
UTDAPP20   20 PC Dapping Punch Set
UTD20PC1536   20 Pc Diamond Burr Set
UTRT20C   20 Piece Carbide Drill Bit Set 1/8" shank
SKU1290   20 Piece High Speed M2 Steel Burrs Assorted Heads
SKU1485   20" Machete
UTTWEEZ20REP76   20" Mega Tweezer Reptile Feeding Stick/Tweezer
SKU1484   20" Zombie Slayer Machete
UT20MAG   20LB Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool
JSC20AL8883   20PC Clear Top Aluminum Jewelry Storage Cases
U6MICRO   20pc HSS Twist Drills #61-80
SKU1097   20x Dual UV & LED Mini Microscope
SKU950   20X Triplet Jewelrs Loupe 21mm Lens
UTMG2018   20X18mm Triplet Loupe
UTDB2112   21 Cavities 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" Polished Stainless Steel Dapping Block
UTJTDISCC21   21pc Disc Cutter Doming Tool Convex Concave
SKU1141   21Pc Tube Cleaning Brush Set For Gunsmithing Etc

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